How do you compromise bed sharing problems?

Studies suggest that couples enjoy health benefits just from sharing a bed because it enhances the feeling of comfort and safety. But according to married couples, sharing a bed isn’t always easy. To help you find a compromise to “bed sharing problems”, we consulted a bed specialist. Following are the common problems that couples face.

1. What to do if my partner snores a lot?

It means poor snooze quality for couples. It can be a sign of sleep apnea. Get your partner checked. But in the meantime, a possible solution is a contour pillow that helps to improve airflow in between the throat and nose.

2. How to solve blanket - hogging problems?

To solve blanket-hogging problems, pick out a king-sized comforter or blanket for a queen-sized bed. 

3. We have different mattress preferences, do we get 2 separate bed?

 It’s common for couples to have different mattress preference. Mattress manufactureres have taken it to the next level by having three separate layers per side. So, they could consider a split bed with two different mattress firmness.