A newborn will spend most of his time sleeping. So it is important for parents to create a safe environment for him as there are many incidents of babies suffocating when a blanket fall over his face.

Most parents think that the safest way is to let the newborn sleep with them in their beds but this has its risks. For example, newborns could fall from the bed.

Thus, it is advisable for newborns to sleep in their own cribs. So how do you create a nursery conducive for your newborn?

Tip #1: Get a Mobile Crib

To reassure parents, a mobile crib is a good option because it can be stowed in the parents’ room between 0 – 6 months. In this way, it would be easy to tend to the baby at night too.

But beyond 6 months, parents can now keep the crib in the nursery so that the baby can have a toom of his own.

Tip #2: Swaddling Safely

Swaddling is to wrap a baby to keep him warm. It also mimics the soothing feeling of being in the womb, however, it can be dangerous when the newborn is not swaddled the right way. The newborn could unwrap himself from the swaddle and end up covering his face with it so it is important to swaddle correctly.

We have a simpler solution. This swaddle looks different because it follows the natural sleeping position of your newborn. The zipper makes it harder for the swaddle to unwrap itself making it safer.

Tip #3: Monitoring your Newborn Visually

Parents often use the sound monitor, but this time, instead of relying only on sound, you can monitor your baby visually too. This ensures that that your baby is always safe.

Webcams can be controlled through your phone so it is easy to keep an eye on your child. This can be reassuring for first-time mothers who want to monitor their babies to ensure that they are in the correct position while sleeping and reduce the opportunity of accidents happening.