There are many mum-preneurs today. These are mums who are entrepreneurs but choose to work from home because it complements their lifestyle best! They get to care for their kids and yet pursue their passions, all from the comfort of their homes.

But creating space at home to call your office is very challenging. You are dealing with space constraints and how to maintain productivity when you bed is so comfortable… we totally understand.

Here are some tips to create a space conducive for working.

Tip #1: Pick a room with a view or natural lighting

You’ll be staring so much at your computer, a room with a view will give you a quick and much-needed break.

Natural lighting also reduces energy consumption. Research has shown that it can also increase productivity.

Tip #2: Maximise wall space

We have to maximise the space available so that we have more working area. So, we can create storage spaces vertically instead by using walls for example by nailing shelves to the wall. This also reduces clutter on the ground.

If you think the packed shelves are visually unpleasant, you can use a curtain to keep them hidden.

Tip #3: Use plants

Plants have several benefits to the environment such as increasing the humidity in the room and this will help prevent dry skin, a common skin problem when you’re in air-con the whole day.

Most people think that all plants require high maintenance, however, this is not true. It’s all about finding the perfect plant for you.

If you are concerned about ensuring clean air in the environment you work in, choose the aloe vera plant, however, you will need to keep this plant in the sunlight.

But if your room does not receive a lot of sunlight, the best plant is called the Lucky bamboo.