How do you declutter your closet?

Our closet should make our lives simpler or at least make dressing in the morning easier. We consulted a Wardrobe & Image Consultant, these are few tips on how to organize your closet.



1. When is it time to let go of an outfit?

If you haven’t worn a piece for six to eight months, then it’s time to let it go. If you’re hoping to lose weight and fit into a dress and realise it has been two years, repurpose or sell it.

2. When is it the best to hang or fold clothes?

It depends on the size of your closet space, if you’re short on hanging space, give priority to the items you wear the most and items you want to keep protected like those dresses made of silk, satin or lace.

Hang: Dress pant, Pleated items, Dresses (with exception of heavy, formal gowns), Blazers, Anything wrinkle-prone, Blouses, Lightweight materials, Garments treated with starch

Fold: Sweaters & knitwear (especially cashmere), Stretchy or slinky material, Heavily beaded or embellished items, T-shirts, Jeans & khakis

3. How about bags, what is the best way of storing?

After purchasing that expensive leather bag, storage is another factor that you should consider. Place your bag in a soft, breathable dust bag. If you don’t have one, you can use a cotton pillowcase in a neutral colour to prevent colour transfer. And put packets of silica gel inside the bag to prevent it from dampening.

Lastly, do not hang bags! It is space – saving but hanging will distort the shape of the handles.