Creating a Work Office at Home

There are many mum-preneurs today. These are mums who are entrepreneurs but choose to work from home because it complements their lifestyle best! They get to care for their kids and yet pursue their passions, all from the comfort of their homes. But...

Building a Nursery

A newborn will spend most of his time sleeping. So it is important for parents to create a safe environment for him as there are many incidents of babies suffocating when a blanket fall over his face. Most parents think that the safest way is...

Find the perfect sofa for your home

The living room brings the whole family together. In Singapore, this space is becoming smaller but does that mean that you have to compromise on your furniture? A common problem - selecting the best sofa set for your living room. As the biggest furniture...

What is the trend for wedding dessert?

In Malay engagement parties, many couples seem to be skipping cake and going a for a more varied assortment of sweet goodies. Here, we have Chef Aishah of At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy to share her knowledge and skills

How do you make dining experience special?

Dining table brings the family together, there’s nothing like a good meal and endless catching up to turn your day around. It’s important to have a nice table setting to make your dining experience extra special.

How do you compromise bed sharing problems?

Studies suggest that couples enjoy health benefits just from sharing a bed because it enhances the feeling of comfort and safety. But according to married couples, sharing a bed isn’t always easy. To help you find a compromise to “bed sharing problems”, we consulted a bed specialist.