Dainty photo box

In this digital age, printing is becoming less of an option. For people who enjoy decorating your room with pictures, here is a DIY kit where you can make your own dainty photo box.


1. Box

2. Cutting board

3. Cutter

4. Ruler

5. White paper


1. Start with an unfinished hinged wood box. Measure it so you know the right photo size.

2. To create the accordion folds, cut a long strip of cardstock paper, a little bit thicker than A4 paper.

3. The width of the strip should be 1cm bigger than the photo size.

4. Fold the strip, the fold depends on how many pictures you want.

5. Now hold a ruler along the folding line of the strip and fold.

6. Adhere photos onto each section of the accordion photo strip, and then adhere a loop of ribbon to the center back of the top photo.