As a parent, you are keen to invest in your child’s development from the start!

For newborns three months and below, their eyesight is still unclear. They are only able to recognise black and white because of the high contrast between these colours.

After three months, their eyesight improves and they can now see bright colours like red, blue and yellow.

This is why I chose these colours for the DIY crib mobile! These colours will stimulate the baby as they are lying in the crib.

For parents, as your baby grows, it can be a good teaching tool too. Thus, your DIY mobile should have a variety of shapes and colours.

– Felt cloth
– Templates of different shapes
– Plastic hoop (such as an embroidery hoop!)
– Polyester filling
– Needle
– Thread
– Elastic string
– Decorations such a ribbons
– Glue
– Scissors

1. Using the templates, draw the shapes onto the felt cloth.

2. Cut two pieces for each plushy you will need. I will have 1 moon, four stars and five clouds.

3. Sew the two pieces of felt together but leave a gap.

4. Fill it with as much polyester filling as possible. Then sew to close the gap.

5. Arrange the different plushy to your liking. Using the elastic string, tie the shapes accordingly.

6. After determining the height, tie a knot so that the plushy will not change its position. Use glue to strengthen the knot.

7. The elastic string is thicker than your average thread, so you will need to use a bigger needle.

8. Cut three strings of the same length. This will be used to hang the crib mobile.

9. Glue the ends to the hoop.

10. Cut another string that will act as the hook.

11. Tie your string of plushies to the hoop.

12. Decorate the hoop with a ribbon.

13. Finally, hang it on a clamp on the crib.