For high-powered women, everything has to be unique!

You always have put your own spin on the things you wear – even your jewellery. What better way than to customise your jewellery.

We do advise that you join a workshop, like Fat Anvil Studios, so that you can be provided the basic materials and ensure that you are safe.


1. Use a measuring tool to find out the size of your finger and thus, your ring.

2. Mold your ring according to the measurement.

3. Make a marking where the metal overlaps and cut there. Smoothen the surface.

4. Solder the metal wire together using flux to prevent the metal from oxidising.

5. Use a soldering iron to solder the ends of the metal wire.

6. Use sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the ring.

7. Use a hammer to create the texture of a flower.

8. Shape the petal using the mold.

9. Add these metal balls as features to the flower by soldering it again.

10. SIf you find black marks, drop the ring into the blue mixture called “pickle”.

11. Using these tools, connect the ring and the flower together.

12. Check for any imperfections. If there are any, just file them away.

13. Use a plier to shape the petal further.

14. Finally, use the polishing machine to shine your ring.