DIY Jewellery

For high-powered women, everything has to be unique! You always have put your own spin on the things you wear – even your jewellery. What better way than to customise your jewellery. We do advise that you join a workshop, like Fat Anvil Studios, so that...

DIY Crib Mobile

As a parent, you are keen to invest in your child's development from the start! For newborns three months and below, their eyesight is still unclear. They are only able to recognise black and white because of the high contrast between these colours. After...

Glow-in-the-dark room decor for kids

Do your kids think there are monsters lurking under their beds? Or they won’t allow you to switch off their bedroom light because they are afraid of the dark? These DIY items might be just what they need! Glow-in-the-dark Planetary System...

DIY Gubahan

Weddings can be very expensive and sticking to your budget can be a challenge that is why many couples are torn, what do you splurge on or save on? Here’s a smart way to save money on your wedding – customize your gubahan.

DIY Dainty Photo Box

In this digital age, printing is becoming less of an option. For people who enjoy decorating your room with pictures, here is a DIY kit where you can make your own dainty photo box

DIY Spa Care Package

A DIY spa package to slough off dead skin cells and remove dirt for a more glowing complexion.