Fashionista OOTD

Every fashionista would say that all women should own a classic black dress . Aside from having a go-to black dress, I believe that we should also have an outfit that’s out of the box – after all, fashion is also about taking risks.

Singapore’s First Female Boxing Champion Nurshahidah Roslie

The Republic’s first professional female boxer Nurshahidah Roslie. Her long arms are weapons – they operate at long range much like snipers – and thus her nickname was born. Nurshahidah ‘The Sniper’ Roslie is not only the Singapore’s first female professional boxer but also Singapore’s first professional boxing champion.

Leaving on a Jetpack

Are you familiar with jetpack – flying over the surface of water? The jetpack weighs 12kg, attached to it is a power pod that provides the boost you need top speed you can go is 40 kilometres per hour and it can propel you up to 9m high.

DIY Spa Care Package

A DIY spa package to slough off dead skin cells and remove dirt for a more glowing complexion.

No-bake Cheesecake

Dessert that can be done in just 2 hours, no oven needed. Serve it in glasses/jars to make it look ornate and unique

Ingredients: Graham crackers | brown sugar | unsalted butter | melted | cream cheese | granulated sugar | vanilla extract | sweetened condense milk | lemon juice | slice of strawberries

Turkey Ham Wrap

A simple snack for school and work lunchboxes

Ingredients: Tortilla | Mayonnaise  | Mustard | Turkey Ham | Carrots | Arugula

Insalata Caprese Salad

A simple Italian salad that would make a great appetiser or light lunch.

Ingredients: Ripe Tomato | Fresh Mozzarella | Basil | Olive Oil | Salt