How do you compromise bed sharing problems?

Studies suggest that couples enjoy health benefits just from sharing a bed because it enhances the feeling of comfort and safety. But according to married couples, sharing a bed isn’t always easy. To help you find a compromise to “bed sharing problems”, we consulted a bed specialist.

OOTD His opinion

When it comes to trends, do men and women have the same viewpoint? What will happen if your guy friend chooses your OOTD for you?

Outdoor Enthusiasts – Picneeds

Picneeds is by Nadzirah and Khairul, a pair of outdoor enthusiasts who have been through thick and thin when it comes to setting-up Instagram-worthy picnics….

This couple has been married for two years but Picneeds has been around longer – turning 4 this year.

DIY Dainty Photo Box

In this digital age, printing is becoming less of an option. For people who enjoy decorating your room with pictures, here is a DIY kit where you can make your own dainty photo box

Laugh, Jump and BOUNCE

Bounce Singapore is the ultimate indoor urban playground and largest trampoline park in the country. It’s not just for fun, it’s a great way to exercise too! It has a variety of zones suitable from children to fitness enthusiasts.

Surf & Turf

If you’re thinking about skipping out on the nights out and opting for a relaxing night in with your significant other, here’s a fancy looking dinner dish that your man can’t resist… surf and turf. It sounds lavish but not too difficult to prepare. So, there’s no need for reservations at an expensive restaurant to get that delicious steak and seafood.

Ingredients: Rib Eye | shrimp | butter | Cream | Parsley | Salt | Pepper