White Tshirt OOTD

Wearing something you really like would definitely lift up your mood and confidence.

How do you make dining experience special?

Dining table brings the family together, there’s nothing like a good meal and endless catching up to turn your day around. It’s important to have a nice table setting to make your dining experience extra special.

You Fly, iFly

This indoor skydiving facility promises the physical feeling of outdoor skydiving… but without the 14,000-foot plummet and within the safety of a fully controlled environment.

DJ Liana Azman

The demand for female DJs was on the rise and Liana Azman was open to exploring possibilities aside from becoming a professional singer. She went through 6 months of training, burning hours on the mixer, counting beats, bars and the right places to mix, learning about music theory, listening to all kinds of music… Finally ,two years later, she is DJ Li.A (Leeay), one of the most sought after female DJs in Singapore.

Breakfast Bowl

A healthy snack/breakfast snack that can help you feel better and fill your body with proper nutrients.

Ingredients: oats | milk | vanilla yogurt | honey | Chia seeds | Blackberries | Raspberries | mixed nuts | dried cranberries | roasted pumpkin seeds