MIJ Hub is a school for the special needs students. It’s name which is a short for “My Inspiring Journey”, was inspired by Faraliza’s oldest son, Ashraf, who is autistic.

Faraliza believes that every child has a journey that can inspire others.

Faraliza came from a high-flying corporate job, but to built this school and focus on bringing up her son, she quit her job and did her research such as meeting with experts and to understand the best learning techniques for special needs students.

With no knowledge and experience on building an educational institution, she persevered and today, she has helped 200 students since 2011.

She faced difficulties such as financial problems whereby some families could not afford the education fees and the school would have to absorb the fees, partially or wholly.

She claims her determined attitude, support from her family and parents was what kept her spirits up and kept her going to establish this school.

Her goal for the future of MIJ Hub is to operate a school that has facilities similar to that of a public school. She also wants to provide a holistic education so that these special needs students can give back to the community.