The living room brings the whole family together. In Singapore, this space is becoming smaller but does that mean that you have to compromise on your furniture?

A common problem – selecting the best sofa set for your living room. As the biggest furniture in the room, it will ensure how comfortable your living room will be for your family.

Here are some tips from Nizam, the Showroom Manager from King Living.

#1: Invest in a modular sofa set

Modular sofa sets will give you the flexibility to rearrange your sofa seats according to your needs. Do you have a guest sleeping over? Turn the couch into a guest bed. Are you hosting a game night? Shift the chairs to create a more cosy setting.

With a modular sofa set, you will also not need to invest in a large sofa so soon – as your family grows, so can your sofa set!

#2: Choose furniture, even sofa sets, that can double up

In this case, a sofa set that can double up as storage space would be helpful. It could be a quick way to keep the living room neat and tidy, or store the children’s toys.
By having multipurpose furniture, it will help you to maximise the space you have in your living room.