We all enjoy eating pasta so what if I told you that there is a machine that can make fresh pasta in 15 minutes? The best is, it can makes a variety of pasta. Today, we’ll teaching you to make spinach pasta… and we’ll be making aglio olio out of it.

– All purpose flour
– Spinach juice water
– Olive oil
– Garlic
– Bird’s eye chili
– Parsley (finely chopped)
– Cherry tomatoes (halved)
– Mussels
– Black pepper
– Salt

To make the spinach juice:

1. Blend spinach with water.

2. Beat one egg.

3. Mix the egg to the spinach mixture. You should get 95ml of spinach juice.

To make the Spinach pasta:

4. Add 250g of all purpose flour into the machine.

5. Once it starts churning, add the spinach juice, a little bit by a little bit.

6. Spread some all purpose flour on the plate to collect the pasta that is produced.

Making the Aglio Olio Mussels:

7. Boil the mussels with hot water.

8. Once enough pasta is produced, we can get to cooking it in boiling water. Add olive oil, salt and finally the fresh pasta. Boil until it the pasta rises to the surface.

9. Heat up the pan and add olive oil. Add bird’s eye chili and garlic.

10. Add the boiled pasta.

11. Add the tomato cherry.

12. Add the boiled mussels last! Leave it to simmer and ready to serve!