Faraliza Zainal – Co-owner of MIJ Hub

MIJ Hub is a school for the special needs students. It's name which is a short for "My Inspiring Journey", was inspired by Faraliza's oldest son, Ashraf, who is autistic. Faraliza believes that every child has a journey that can inspire others....

Nurjanna Ng – Babywearing Consultant

Nurjanna Ng helps mummies find the best baby carriers for their needs and lifestyle. While managing her business, giving personal and group consultations, she is also a mother to two beautiful children. When giving birth to her first child, Nurjanna was...

Rilla Melati Bahri – Actor, Writer, Mother

While bringing up her son, Nadim, Rilla juggles her successful career as a TV personality and as an entrepreneur and writer for Mini Monsters. So how does she do it all? She brings Nadim into her world of books by writing a series that chronicles Nadim's...

Multitasker – Atikah Amalina (@TheTudungTraveller)

Facebook Instagram Atikah is an instagrammer who curates her life through pictures she posts as @TheTudungTraveller. You can always find her busy with work, organizing charity drives to help the less fortunate or travelling the world for some alone time....

Henna Artist – Syraskins

Google “henna art Singapore” and there you find hundreds of listings about SyraSkins. They have a massive following online – over 140k on Instagram and 90k on Facebook. Some are hailing Syra as the best henna artist in Singapore. Top of mind when it comes to wedding tradition of Malam Berinai.

DJ Liana Azman

The demand for female DJs was on the rise and Liana Azman was open to exploring possibilities aside from becoming a professional singer. She went through 6 months of training, burning hours on the mixer, counting beats, bars and the right places to mix, learning about music theory, listening to all kinds of music… Finally ,two years later, she is DJ Li.A (Leeay), one of the most sought after female DJs in Singapore.

Outdoor Enthusiasts – Picneeds

Picneeds is by Nadzirah and Khairul, a pair of outdoor enthusiasts who have been through thick and thin when it comes to setting-up Instagram-worthy picnics….

This couple has been married for two years but Picneeds has been around longer – turning 4 this year.

Singapore’s First Female Boxing Champion Nurshahidah Roslie

The Republic’s first professional female boxer Nurshahidah Roslie. Her long arms are weapons – they operate at long range much like snipers – and thus her nickname was born. Nurshahidah ‘The Sniper’ Roslie is not only the Singapore’s first female professional boxer but also Singapore’s first professional boxing champion.