Singapore Ola Beach


   It’s not the Spanish for Hello. “Ola” is the Hawaiian word for life,
health and wellbeing. At Singapore Ola Beach, you get to try things in your secret bucket list.

Ola Beach Club has a range of water activities from relaxing sports ( kayaking , standup paddle board etc ) to exciting activities
( jetpack, banana boat and donut ride).


Most thrilling activity – Jetpack 


The jetpack weighs 12kg, attached to it is a power pod that provides the boost you need, the top speed you can go is 40 kilometres per hour and it can propel you up to 9m high.

Before the flight, you will go through certified instructor training & supervision, so don’t worry and have FUN!

Besides Jetpack, you can also try out Jetblade at Ola Beach. To avoid overcrowding disappointment, you can visit Ola Beach Club’s website to book beforehand.

Located At:

Address46 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore  099005


Contact: 6250 6978 (dining & events enquiries)

                  6265 5966 (watersports)

                  8189 6601(after hours)