Bring that family spirit when you gather and dress alike for family gatherings and annual family photos!

For the teenagers who think family outfits are not cool, we’ll show them why they are wrong.

Here are some tips to help you go from tacky to trendy!

Tip #1:

Select one colour to unify the look.

This is the simplest way to make twinning look effortless!

Tip #2:

For the teen who prize their inviduality, or the child that always wears his one and only favourite shirt, wear jeans to have a similar look.

In this picture, Mum wears a jean romper to complement her daughter who wears a graphic shirt with denim jeans.

Tip #3:

Pick a theme!

The bigger your family is, the harder it is too match. By using themes, it provides enough room for interpretation by each family member.

If you are going for the nautical theme, blues and lines and symbols related to the water will be prominent. But with lines, it can tricky – so make sure your stripes are of different thickness. This helps to ensure a cohesive and beautiful family photo!