Do you have a habit of changing your bags to match your outfit or your plan for the day?

Don’t feel guilty! We all do it but sometimes, we make a boo-boo! We leave important things behind.

Like that thumbdrive tucked into a pocket in our handbag at home – and your need it urgently for work!

Don’t fret, #Urbanista has the solution – make your very own bag organiser. The bag organiser will help you pack everything you need daily. So when you change your bag, you just need to take it along in your bag.

– Felt
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Pins
– Glue gun
– Marker

1. Cut out a piece of felt for the bag organiser body measuring 30cm by 30cm.

2. Fold the felt into half and you will get the height.

3. For the pockets, the measurements of the felt are 28cm by 10cm.

4. You can use pins to align your felt pockets to your felt body.

5. To determine the size of the individual pockets, make markings and glue the felt pocket accordingly to the body.

6. If you want to create a base, put glue in the corners of the organizer and pinch them together.