Nurjanna Ng helps mummies find the best baby carriers for their needs and lifestyle. While managing her business, giving personal and group consultations, she is also a mother to two beautiful children.

When giving birth to her first child, Nurjanna was faced with difficulties and had to opt for a c-section.

With this experience she has some valuable advice for soon-to-be mothers out there. She often advises them to do their research and find out which birthing method they prefer.

Applying this advice to herself, her second child’s birth was a lot smoother.

Any health advise?

“Think positively, drink lots of water and cut down on your sugar,”she says.

Her job is definitely unconventional but it gives her a lot of flexibility. As a consultant she gets to pursue and practice her passion of educating and helping mothers whilst caring for her two children.

As for words of motivation for mothers new to motherhood –

“For new mothers, believe in yourself because we will be given the strength to take care of our children,” she says.