Dressing for Meetings and Events

We all wished we had more time to dress up but the truth is, our days are filled up with meetings and gatherings. So we must be smart and know how to dress day to night so we’re never caught unprepared!

Malay Wedding OOTD

Dressing up can be very tricky….
You want to look fancy yet comfortable especially in this hot, humid weather.
You want to wear a flattering outfit but not look humongous after raiding the buffet table.
You want to dress up but never upstage the bride
Here, we have some tips for you!

White Tshirt OOTD

Wearing something you really like would definitely lift up your mood and confidence.

OOTD His opinion

When it comes to trends, do men and women have the same viewpoint? What will happen if your guy friend chooses your OOTD for you?