Picnics can be a hassle when it comes to

the amount of logistics needed,

preparation, setting up, unpacking…

Most of us do not have time to do that.


This is why they are here to provide you

with everything needed from

conceptualising to setting up an

aesthetically-appealing picnic. At

Picneeds, they provide quality logistics,

concept that is Tumblr – worthy for any

occasion – from an intimate couple

setting to an outdoor gathering. You can

enjoy a hassle – free day out!

They can even set it up for you! Feel free

to customise your own picnic set and

they will set it up accordingly. You can

also request for extra logistics – polaroid

camera, frisbee, kite, paint set… They

will complete your request!


Check out their Instagram/Facebook

@picneeds and drop them an email

if you are ready for this awesomeness.