First impressions are everything! So what should you wear if you want to ooze confidence? Wear a power suit.

I’m going to teach you the art of power dressing. When picking out the best suit for yourself, just think about your personality.

Let us guide you.

You may have heard of the little black dress but have you heard of the little black tux?
This looks closest to the menswear tuxedo and is perfect for the high-powered women who fashion sense is minimalistic.

This cut of power suit exudes confidence but if you don’t accessorise or your make-up is not on-point, you will blend into the background.

For Urbanistas who are more sporty, get this sporty power suit.

This suit is more relaxed fit so it is very comfortable. These usually come in bright colours and prints. You can pair these sporty suits with a pair of sport shoes, like this pastel pink ones.

For those with a more girly personality, pair your blazer with a skirt!

The combination of the blazer and skirt gives a balanced mixture of hard and soft textures, creating an edgy but cute look at the same time!