Once in a while, it’s okay to give our kids a treat!

Just remind them to drink more water after 🙂

These treats are delicious and simple to make. Get your children in on the fun and let them be your sous chef.

Chocolate Banana Bites

These are peanut butter banana sandwiches that are covered in dark chocolate, topped off with your favourite mini marshmellows and different crushed nuts.

– Almonds, toasted 
– Coconut oil
– Bananas – peeled and sliced
– Dark chocolate 
– Toppings: baby marshmallows, crushed almonds, pistachios, sea salt

1. Blend 2 cups of toasted almonds.

2. Once crushed, add 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Continue to blend until it becomes a paste.

3. To make your chocolate sauce, melt dark chocolate in the microwave.

4. Cut the banana into slices. Prepare as many bananas as you need.

5. Create a banana sandwich by placing the peanut butter in between two slices of banana. Dip this banana sandwich into the dark chocolate sauce.

6. Add your favourite toppings.

7. Leave it to solidify on baking sheet.

Triple Chocolate Treat

This is a fun dessert as your kids will enjoy pouring over the hot dark chocolate to break the white chocolate shell that will a dessert inside.

– White chocolate
– Vegetable oil
– Different berries – blueberries and raspberries
– Mint to decorate
– Chocolate Ice Cream
– Balloon

1. Melt 500g of white chocolate in a double boiler.

2. Using a balloon, cover it in white chocolate. Hang it so that the excess white chocolate can drip.

3. Once solidified, pierce the balloon and carefully take it out without breaking the shell.

4. Take a scoop of chocolate ice-cream as the centerpiece, decorate as you like. I am using raspberries, blueberries and mint leaves.

5. Cover your dessert with the white chocolate shell.