What is the trend for wedding dessert?

In Malay engagement parties, many couples seem to be skipping cake and going a for a more varied assortment of sweet goodies. Here, we have Chef Aishah of At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy to share her knowledge and skills


1. There are so many desserts to choose from, how do you decide what to serve?

In a typical engagement party, the guests are of different age, from toddlers to grandparents so it’s best to offer a mixture of traditional and trendy desserts.



2. How do you make sure that you have enough for everyone?

As a rule of thumb, allocate about 4 mini-desserts per person.



3. There is so much pressure, the desserts must taste good and it also needs to look impressive. How do you even start planning?

Presentation is key so add lots of different heights. It makes everything more visually interesting. Use different size of cake stands and dessert trays.